Matching Queer 2021 Releases With Your Zodiac Sign🏳️‍🌈

Hi everyone! So, a more recent love of mine has been astrology. I am by no means an expert, I just find it to be fun and fascinating! I decided to mingle my love of books with my love of astrology and today I paired a 2021 queer release with each zodiac sign! Every book features queer characters and/or by a queer author!

I originally did this on tiktok so if you wanna check that out, please do! 👀 I’d appreciate it! If not, they’ll all be listed here too💙

Part one

Part two

Part three

Most of these picks were based purely on the ✨vibes✨ but I will attempt to give a little bit of an explanation!


Neon Gods – Katee Robert (Dark Olympus #1 — June 1st 2021)

Hades x Persephone retellings just scream Aquarius vibes to me. Hades is a seemingly evil character but for Persephone? He would burn down the entire world for her and that? That right there describes an Aquarius!!

The enemies to allies to lovers trope? Aquarius. They tend to take a lot longer to warm up and open up to people hence the allies first and then they go the lovers route once they’ve gotten hooked on their person. They’re quiet in the way they care for their people but they truly do care so much. Plus, they either have a sunshine mask to strangers (Persephone) or that dark, intimidating aura to strangers (Hades).

So, if you’ve got Aquarius in your chart, I highly recommend this pick!


In Deeper Waters – F. T. Lukens (April 20th 2021)

Pisces are known for being emotional and falling in love relatively easy. Plus.. water. This has gays at sea!! The prince ends up feeling awful when his prisoner escapes, thinking that there’s no way he survived the open ocean. So he’s feeling all this guilt after feeling a connection with the stranger (pisces vibes) when he bumps into him! Alive! On land! … Until he gets kidnapped by pirates and then the turns have tabled and he needs his once prisoner’s help.

All of that.. just immediately makes me think of a Pisces. I feel like this is just the absolute perfect pick for yall!


These Feathered Flames – Alexandra Overy (these feathered flames #1 — April 20th 2021)

Well right away when I think of Aries, I see fire so this cover? Made for yall!

Second, Aries are known for their aggression, their determination to fight for their loved ones, their loyalty. This book has a set of sisters determined to figure out who murdered their mother whilst they deal with new magic and ruling their kingdom.

Plus, this is a Firebird retelling which just utters Aries vibes!!! I can’t even explain with accurate words why this is entirely and completely an Aries book.


The Unbroken – C. L. Clark (magic of the lost #1 — March 23rd 2021)

Taurus, my stubborn, stubborn little angels. Yall will stick with it until the very end, especially if you know what you are doing is right and the best path forward. This book follows a soldier as she is battling with what is best for the empire and the best way to go forward. There’s politics and war and assassinations and all of this… an environment a Taurus would thrive in. Assassinations? Yall would get it done and not leave a HINT behind that it was you who did it.


This Poison Heart – Kalynn Bayron (this poison heart #1 — June 29th 2021)

Hello the flirts of the zodiac, welcome to the perfect book for you.

Yalls hearts arent poison but with your flirting and easy to fall in love with demeanour, I can see you poisoning hearts by accident!

Plus, I’ve always thought of plants with Gemini so the fact that the main character can make plants grow with a single touch, really just cements the fact that this is the book for yall!! The main character can make elixirs of all kinds and I feel like Gemini’s have that ability with words, they can heal or hurt depending on the situation!

This book has darker tones to it too and we all know Gemini’s have a dark side to them, one we don’t often get to see but is there all the same. (we love yall for it!)


The Chosen and The Beautiful – Nghi Vo (June 1st 2021)

Cancers are one of the prettiest signs of the zodiac, look me in the eyes right now and say they aren’t!! That’s right! You can’t!

Anyway, that’s why yall got this book because that cover is absolutely stunning and I need it in my greedy little hands immediately.

This book also deals with illusionary magic and Cancers are both very good manipulators and can make you see their side of the story as THE side of the story within a few words but also they are just ✨magic✨ when telling a story. They pull you in with their words so easy. Plus, they’re tender and an underrated poet of the zodiac, in my opinion.


She Who Became The Sun – Shelley Parker-Chan (the radiant emperor #1 — July 20th 2021)

Leos are the sun of the zodiac. They exude warmth and power and yes arrogance but cmon.. They deserve it. They are flashy but in the best way. Leos? Spoil you. Much like we got spoiled with this stunning, sun vibes cover!!

“I refuse to be nothing..” was quoted from the book (somewhere, I swear, just can’t remember where I saw it) but like… if that is a zodiac sign’a quote it is most definitely Leo’s!

The main character in this book sets out, disguised as her dead brother to claim His future which was that he was given a fate of greatness. She was given a future of nothingness so when he dies, she takes up his path. Leo’s… I can totally see yall doing exactly that. Yall strive to be the greatest you can be and we love you so much for it.


A Lesson In Vengeance – Victoria Lee (August 3rd 2021)

Virgos tend to like order and civility along with an urge to learn as much as possible. Which is exactly why yall got this book because it is dark academia!!! Dark academia is a Virgos aesthetic to an absolute tee.

Also want to add that Virgos have such a great taste in style, yall always look cool and that fits in perfectly with this cover and the themes overall.

The book also has sapphics researching an unknown murder mystery with witchcraft as they slowly grow closer together… Perfect piece fit to a Virgo’s puzzle.


One Last Stop – Casey McQuiston (June 1st 2021)

You soft, sensitive little sunshine babies. Yall are the types to have a crush on a total stranger yet refuse to interact until one day, fate goes “oh my god FINE HERE” and forces you to have the interaction with the person, whether you planned for it or not. Hence why yall get One Last Stop!! Romance!! Take it!!

Also, the cover’s colour just emits Libra vibes to me. And sapphics. Where are my sapphic libra babies at??


In The Ravenous Dark – A. M. Strickland (May 18th 2021)

Scorpios, may I present to you the book with the cover that is the Scorpio aesthetic in a nutshell.

“A pansexual bloodmage reluctantly teams up with an undead spirit” is the first sentence about the book and really… Need I say more, you freaky, amazing creatures?


A Dark and Starless Forest – Sarah Hollowell (September 14th 2021)

Sags… Yall adapt to any situation super quickly which makes yall the best for adventures and quests. Plus, yall are loyal and very family oriented so a magical forest steals your siblings? You bet your ass you’re going after them! Just like the main character in this book😌

I don’t know why but I just always think of Sagittarius when there’s an enchanted forest so the vibes are all there for this pick!


Gearbreakers – Zoe Hana Mikuta (June 29th 2021)

Capricorns tend to keep to themselves but they go hard for shit they are passionate about. I also feel like rebellions and revenge suit them perfectly. The “I’m going undercover in my enemy’s side to take them down from the inside” trope also is just a Capricorn made trope.

They’re smart too so even if the mission goes wrong, like in Gearbreakers, we all know they’ve got tricks and secrets up their sleeves!!

And that’s a WRAP!! I had so so much fun with this post so I will for sure be doing more zodiac related content in the future. If you like this type of post, please let me know so I know to keep it up with this!!

See yall tomorrow for my weekly haul!! OH AND if you made it this far, let me know your zodiac sign and if you think the book pick matches👀👀

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